Color Me Blue.

If there’s one thing I miss about Tumblr-ing…

… it would be the humongous amount of food pictures in my dashboard any time of the day. I both love and hate staring at those photos. Oh, the cruelty that is the inability to get my hands on them. Why must food be something I can only see but never eat? Rats.

4 months.

It’s been four months since I last visited Tumblr. Wow. It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s only been 4 months. It feels like a very long time.

Surprisingly enough, Tumblr is still my most visited website despite 4 months of inactivity. I’ve taken a liking to 9GAG, giving it a spot to my most visited websites, as well as an anime forum site I often visited, but Tumblr’s still the top 1. I guess that proves how much of an addict I was before I stopped.

It’s kind of disappointing, realizing that Tumblr, like every other website I’ve frequented, is just a phase to me. I’ve put in quite a lot of time and effort to my so-called blog for two years, then I just suddenly stopped. As usual. When I’m done I’m done, even if it isn’t so. Really disappointing.

I talked to my brother yesterday, and he was giving my sister deadly stares when he found out she stopped using Tumblr. I thought about I too had stopped. Then I remembered how much I loved spending hours just backreading through my dashboard. It’s been quite a while.

It’s been three years since I created my Tumblr account. I had to update my “About Me” section because I turned 19 half a week ago. Tumblr’s just a phase. What a waste. 4 months of inactivity. I missed a lot. But what the hell, I’m feeling like I’m up to another round of this phase of mine.

No classes.

Not that there’s anything else important.

Good morning everyone. :)


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I totally wanted to end with the heartwarming quote, but damn this is funny.

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“Someone’s intellectual capacity has no bearing on his ability to love.”
— I am Sam